Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Depending on the kind of functions they can perform, latest washing machines can be categorized into fully automatic and semi-automatic machines.

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  • Fully Automatic washing machines
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  • Demerits of automatic washing machines:
  • Major Functions and Points To Remember:
  • Some of the other features that are worth considering include:

There are basically two types of washing machines top loading and front loading washing machines.

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Front-loading washing machines

If you go by price, you will never buy front loading washing machine in India.However, they have numerous features and prove worth their investment in the long run.

Most front-loading washing machines cost around 25k to 70k in India.

Front-loading washing machines are better at cleaning and they consume less water.They have more washing programs as compared to 15-20 programs provided by top-loading washing machines.

Benefits of Front Loading Washing Machines:

a. They provide excellent wash quality. Because of their advanced features, they offer superior front load washer-dryer.

b. They are water efficient. They do not require large volumes of water to soak or wash clothes.

c. They have more wash programs than top-loading machines.

d. They handle delicate clothes and fibers better.

Top 10 best front loading washing machines in India:

 1.  Bosch WAK24168IN 7kg 

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The folks at Bosch are the undisputed kings of premium appliance manufacturing.

Be it cars, or coffee makers, everything that they make is of top-notch quality.

With the Bosch 7kg front loading washing machine, they have created yet another reliable and quality appliance.

Top Features:

⇒ It can hold around 7kg worth of clothes. This amounts to clothes of a 5-person family!

⇒ It is fully automated. Although a little high on the money side, the features make it a worthy investment.

⇒ No hassle to fill the machine, no draining and no tub switching. Save your time to do better things.

⇒ The max that this machine can rotate is at 1200 rpm. In case you are wondering, that is really fast! This means quick washing and quicker drying.

You can also adjust the spin speed based on your requirements.

⇒ Monsoon Wash

This is a unique feature in the 24168 model. Monsoons leave us more wet clothes and less sun to dry them perfectly. The monsoon wash is specifically designed to give your clothes utmost dryness.

Since your clothes do not need a tough wash but a lot of excellent dryness, you can put clothes on this feature if you want a dried lot in humid weather.

⇒ Active Water

Simply put, this is an extrapolation of the fuzzy logic. Depending on the weight of clothes put inside the washing tub, Active Water will assess the minimum detergent and water required to do most effective cleaning.

⇒ Speed Perfect 

Have clothes to wash but no time at hands? No worries. Switch the wash cycle to Speed Perfect.

It will utilize around 65% of the timer for washing and drying.  By spending less time on each cycle, it will ensure that you have a quick, although not the best wash.

⇒ Reloading Most

Bosch washing machines have this feature. Usually, you cannot put clothes inside a front-loading washing machine, but with this model, you can.

If you missed out a cloth, just push the reload button and add it to the washing pile. Simple.


⇒ Lot of features to give you the most convenient wash.

⇒ Ability to add clothes after the wash cycle has started.

⇒ Does not vibrate as much as other front-loading machines.

⇒ Accredited with ECARF – European Centre of Allergy Research Foundation for its hygiene wash option.

⇒ The Hygiene wash option sprays of all the detergent which is left on the clothes to prevent detergent stains and allergies.


The machine, like most front-loading machines is a little noisy.

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 2.  IFB Senorita Aqua 6.5kg


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IFB offers cutting-edge industrial and home appliances including kitchen solutions, laundry solutions and living solutions.

The Senorita Aqua SX is a popular IFB front loading washing machine. The machine falls in the mid-range category and includes several noteworthy and unique features, not to mention a superior wash quality.

Take a look at some of its notable features:

Aqua Energie Filter 

The machine has a unique energy filter which helps in dissolving impurities in water. This is especially fruitful in areas with hard water supply.

Aqua SX treats the water and the built-in filter breaks down the impurities present. The result? A high-quality wash.

Unique Foam and Detergent Control system 

The machine auto-controls dilution and dissolution of detergent and foam. Such practice ensures that detergent penetrates cloth lines for a thorough wash. To prevent excessive foam formation, a dilution agent is also released during the wash cycle.

Auto Clean 

The interiors of washing machines usually become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs if not maintained carefully. The Senorita SX comes with an Auto-Clean feature which allows automatic washing of the tub after the wash cycle.

Pros –

– The machine has an auto-balance feature, which means that you can add a few additional clothes in between the wash cycle.

– The machine comes with a 4-year manufacturer warranty and 10 years of spare parts support.

– There is a rat-mesh at the bottom which prevents rodents from damaging the underlying wires.

– Equipped with Child lock

– Causes very low noise while operating


– The machine comes with generic designs and no color options except the silver model.-

– IFB customer service is not available in some parts of India.

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 3.  Bosch WAB16060IN 6kg 

We had to feature Bosch’s 1606IN model because of the convenience it offers.

The machine lets you put a cloth batch, roughly around 6 kgs and returns daisy fresh clothes in 30 minutes.

This is the Super 30’ Program with Bosch 16060IN. We can hear all the lazy bachelors chuckling to themselves.

The Super 30’ is a smart feature which modifies the water level by understanding the measure of the load.

Technically, it lessens the water which decreases power usage. Moreover, it makes use of hot water which cleans the soiled buildup in the tub completely along with microorganisms, increasing the machine life.

Not to mention, it has all the other features that Bosch washing machines have to offer to give you the perfect washing experience, include Active Water and ability to Reload.


– Fully automated front-loading washing machine with a capacity of 6kg

– 2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty and 10 years’ warranty on motor


– The water disposal system is rendered useless if you have a low water pressure.

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 4.  IFB Senator Aqua 8kg 

IFB’s Senator Aqua was worth mentioning in our list because of some of its advanced features that have been introduced by the company.

IFB has been at par with giants like Bosch in terms of introducing innovations to its products to give them a premium quality.

The 8kg Senator Aqua front loading washing machine has a lot of user-friendly features and unique programming options.

IFB introduces the machine as the next-gen engineered machine with features such as 3D Wash system and the Air Bubble Wash System.

Worried about washing your silk and dark colored clothes? You can take a deep breath now!

Below is a roundup of some of its most noteworthy features:

Air Bubble Wash System

To give your clothes perfect wash, the Senator Aqua’s system releases millions of air bubbles in the water during rinse cycle.

These bubbles penetrate clothe fibers and activate detergent for fighting most stubborn dirt stains. The result? Clothes are left spot clean and daisy fresh.

3D Wash System

This is another unique feature of Senator Aqua. It adds a dynamic movement to water which ensures a cleaner wash cycle for your dirty garments.

From a technical standpoint, a special water system which has several pouring nozzles circulates water at 360 degrees in drum, causes detergent to dissolve fully.

Once the wash cycle is complete, the water further penetrates inside the cloth fiber mesh to rid them of any leftover soap stains.

Tube Cleaning

Just like Auto-Clean feature, you can use this feature to clean the drum after every wash so that it does not become the breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms.

Convenient LCD Display

You can use the user-friendly display to select, control and monitor various washing options and programs.

Crescent Moon shaped washing drum 

The washing drum inside Senator Aqua is uniquely designed in the shape of a crescent. This is to protect clothes from rough treatment during wash.

The water curves up in the drum and prevents clothes from direct friction from each other. This ensures a gentle yet thorough wash.

Laundry Add

In case you forgot to add a cloth, you can do so in the middle of the wash cycle with Laundry Add.

Apart from this, the Senator Aqua also has the pre-existing features from IFB such as Foam Control System, Rat Mesh, Auto-Imbalance control and Aqua Energie.


– High washing capacity

– Multiple washing program options to choose from

– Four-year manufacturer warranty and

-10 year spare part warranty.


This is a frequent issue and we hope that IFB is working on providing its services in more areas of India.

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 5.  LG FH0B8NDL2 6kg 

LG is a household name in India. LG offers a wide assortment of home appliances and consumer electronics for day-to-day use including smartphones, washing machines, refrigerators and LED TVs.

The NDL2 LG front-loading washing machine is great for small to medium families and offers a number of useful features for smooth operating.

6-motion DDThe washer-dryer machine is equipped with revolutionary 6-motion direct drive.

The technology replicates handwashing motions for giving soiled clothes more effective wash.

Fuzzy Logic

The machine system makes use of Advanced Fuzzy Logic to sense the load and adjust the washing environment accordingly.

Baby Care

The machine also has a feature called as Baby Care which provides the most sanitized wash for your toddler’s clothes.

Inverter Direct Drive

Another unique feature that the good folks at LG have incorporated in this model is the Inverter Direct Drive technology. The motor is attached directly to the drum without a pulley or a belt.

A lower mechanical intervention causes less energy dissipation. This enhances washing performance, creates less noise and vibration and saves energy and longevity of the machine.

Smart Diagnosis

Another great feature that LG offers is Smart Diagnosis. You do not need to wait for a technician or take leave when he calls you for appointment.

Just dial the customer care number and place your phone on your machine. The appliance communicates with troubleshooting systems on the other side for providing immediate solution.


– Fully automatic front-loading washing machine with a capacity of 6kgs

– Tumble wash washing method

– 2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty on the product


Some customers report that if the spinning route is left dry, it emits some noise.

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 Please do comment below to add your suggestions and feedback , thanks.

These include all models from top to front loading washing machines, all-in-one, unitized and one-off miscellaneous styled machines.

Not only this, the selection of washers, services offered by mainstream brands and smaller companies make it almost impossible for you to buy best front-loading washing machine for your home.

However, you cannot ditch dirty laundry, unless of course, you are a celebrity or a millionaire.Just kidding. Even they do their laundry.Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg? A trustworthy washing machine is a long-term investment and a decision to buy one must be taken with care.

Since it will be operated by your family members as well, do your due diligence in buying the right and safe electronic appliance for your home.Based on your budget, you can find something that works and has the right set of features and applications.

Top Loading Washing Machines

In top-loading washing machines, you put in the dirty load from the top.

The top-loading washing machines are better cleaners, go easy on fabrics and have a large water holding capacity.

They also have a faster spin than their front-loading counterparts.

Demerits of Top loading washing machines:

a. They are quite noisy. It is difficult to work at ease with them operating nearby.

b. These consume more water as compared to their front-loading counterparts.

c. They provide average wash quality at best.

Fully Automatic washing machines

Who said washing clothes had to be 19th century? You do not need to dread doing laundry.

With fully-automatic washing machines, you can relax and get other things done while your clothes are washed daisy fresh quickly.The washing process is completely automated in these machines. There is nominal human intervention.

  • There is only one tub which serves all washing, rinsing and drying.
  • The water is also released automatically and drained when there is no more need for washing.

There are two types of fully-automatic washing machines – top and front loading washing machines.

Merits of fully Automated Washing Machines:

a. There is minimal human intervention. The machine automatically pours water for washing and rinsing, drying the clothes and the cycle is turned off automatically after completion.

b. These are equipped with the latest and most advanced washing machine technology.

Machines today come with Fuzzy logic and other multiple washing functions.

Demerits of automatic washing machines:

a. They require continuous water supply.

b. They are quite expensive.

c. They consume more electricity.

Major Functions and Points To Remember:

Functions in a washing machine

While most machines perform a majority of tasks today, there are some features that make models stand out.

Fuzzy Logic With fuzzy logic

The machine can automatically choose the best condition for washing including wash time and amount of detergent and water.

Delay start

Some machines have a feature to delay the start of washing for those who like to soak their clothes before washing them.

You can simply specify the time after which you want the cycle to start and close the door.

The machine will fill the water, you can put in clothes and detergent and starts the cycle at the predetermined time.

Quick wash

The quick wash feature allows the wash cycle to end faster than the ordinary wash cycle. This is helpful if you have to rush immediately and you have clothes to wash.

Steam wash

This is an advanced feature and is available in expensive machines. The clothes are washed with heat, humidity and steam. Steam is quite effective in removing tough stains and odor from the clothes.

Drum Material

Make sure that the washing tub is made of lasting material. Plastic has a longer life than enamel. The wisest choice is stainless steel. Albeit a little costly, they are able to withstand fast spinning and have the highest longevity.

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Some of the other features that are worth considering include:

• Spin cycle – Spin is determined as revolutions per minute (RPM) and it is used for drying clothes. The higher RPMs, the better dried are your clothes.

• Temperature Control – You can regulate the water temperature with this feature. It is very helpful during winters. Also, hot water cleans clothes in a better fashion.

• Temperature control also regulates the steam wash feature in a number of machines.

• All factors considered, front loading washing machines are the best bang for your buck.

• Now that you have a fair idea of what to look for when buying washing machines, here are the:

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