EWS & DG nursery admission eligibility criteria & guidelines in Delhi

As 100,000 parents apply every for the admission, most of them get rejected due to lack of knowledge. They cannot fulfil the requirement or the eligibility criteria for EWS and DG nursery admission, but if you know the admission criteria and meet all eligibility criteria, Then the opportunity of being selected increases. In the millions of applications, only thousands get chosen.

Therefore, it is essential to understand its rules and regulations.

You know very well that the entry date is not enough for EWS and DG registration; you must also meet the eligibility criteria for admission in the 2020-21 EWS & DG category. But what are the eligibility criteria and age restriction criteria for EWS and DG entry in 2020-21? Do not worry; here you can find all the detail.

The admission notice for 2021-22 will be posted online on the official website. The Education Bureau of the NCT Government of Delhi is an administrative agency responsible for the admission progression of nurseries in Delhi State. To this end, online forms get also invited, and interested candidates must submit the application form within the prescribed time.

Parents or applicants should review the instructions or guidelines for applying for the nursery school admission procedure. It is essential to make it clear that the age of children in nurseries should not exceed three years old, and the age of preschool children must not exceed four years old. Open quotas will have 75% of seats, and reserved categories (such as the EWS/DG category) will have 25% of seats.

Highlights 2021-22

  • Parents can charge 25/- (non-refundable) as the registration fee for admission.
  • The admission progression for nursery schools in Delhi in 2021 expected to begin in November 2020.
  • Those who are interested in the EWS category should have an annual household income of no more than 100,000.
  • Candidates in the following categories belong to the disadvantaged group (DG):
  • Scheduled caste
  • Scheduled Tribe
  • OBC (non-creamy layer)
  • Children with special needs, such as any disability specified in the 1995 Disability Act
  • Orphans under the Juvenile Justice Law
  • Transgender
  • Children diagnosed with HIV.
  • In the general category, 75% of the seats will get held in reserve during the open seat allocation process.
  • Applicant forms can only get obtained via online mode
  • After applying to an individual school, the applicant must submit a printed copy of the application form to the respective school.
  • It is essential to submit an application form for each school here.
  • Caste or category certificates issued by companies other than the Delhi revenue department (DC/DM Office) will not get reflected on

There are two different categories of EWS and DG admissions in kindergarten, kindergarten and level 1, the prerequisite criteria of the two groups are unlike, so we are sharing accordingly.

Eligibility criteria for EWS (economically weaker section)

  • EWS mainly represents the economically weaker sector. If you have it in mind to apply under this plan, you must have an income certificate, which should affirm that your annual income does not go above 100,000 rupees.
  • Applicants should be permanent inhabitants of Delhi.
  • Applicants should belong to the EWS (economically weaker sector) or DG (vulnerable group) category.
  • Required documents
  • Only students whose family income is less than 100,000 got included in this category.
  • Birthdate certificate: a birth certification issued by a public company or issued by a hospital, or any document issued by Anganwadi School containing the date of birth, If these documents are not convenient, parents can submit a declaration containing the time of delivery of the child.
  • Proof of address: proof of residence or ration card (with the names of parents and children) or electricity bill or water bill or MTNL bill or Aadhaar card or voter card or passport. Any file named after any parent or child can be accepted.
  • Proof of income: Proof of income (issued by the income officer), BPL card, food safety card (PR card)

Eligibility criteria for DG (disadvantaged group)

  • The Delhi group’s abbreviation is DG has a disadvantaged group. All aspirants and children with special needs or children with different abilities who belong to SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer) can apply under this program.
  • You must provide supporting documents provided by the government:
  • Hospitals or orphans and transgender people
  • Proof of birth date: same as above (in EWS category)
  • Proof of address: same as above (in EWS category)
  • SC/ST category-Certificate issued by the Delhi government
  • Children with special needs – documents issued by the hospital
  • Orphans/transgender/children of HIV carriers or affected by them-respective documents


Students in the DG category must not submit any income proof.

All preschools/Montessori schools must follow a single admission process and take care of them as an institution. All schools upload their standards to the bureau’s website.

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